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CD GY 413/416

CD GY 413/416 - Golden Years of New Jazz

Ganelin / Chekasin / Tarasov / Vladimir Chekasin Quartet / Chekasin - Vysniauskas Quintet / the Ganelin Trio 

Golden Years of the Soviet New Jazz Vol.IV

Release date: 2003/08

4 CD-box (audio): GBP 20.00
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Disc 1 Vyacheslav Ganelin solo; Ganelin/Chekasin duo - 77'48
Disc 2 Tarasov/Chekasin duo; Ganelin/Tarasov duo - 77'24
Disc 3 Vladimir Chekasin Quartet; Chekasin/Vysniauskas Quintet - 60'20
Disc 4 The Ganelin Trio - 75'02

The last volume documenting golden years of the Soviet new jazz is devoted entirely to the legendary Ganelin Trio. First three discs deal with the musicians of the trio playing in different combinations with each other and their own groups while disc 4 boasts two major works by the Trio. Accompanied by a 28-page booklet, this edition will finally help re-evaluate the significance of the Trio for the development of music inside the Iron Curtain. It will also help finding a proper place for the Trio amongst the best new jazz ensembles of Europe and America. Limited edition 750 copies.

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