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CD GY 409/412 CD GY 409/412 - Golden Years of New Jazz

Homo Liber / Vladimir Chekasin Big Bands / Sainkho Namchylak / Tri-o / Andrew Solovyev, Igor Grigoriev, Vlad Makarov 

Golden Years of the Soviet New Jazz Vol.III

Release date: 2002/10
4 CD-box (audio): GBP 25.00

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Disc 1: Homo Liber - 75'34
Disc 2: Vladimir Chekasin Big Bands - 79'00
Disc 3: Sainkho Namchylak / Tri-O - 66'11
Disc 4: Andrew Solovyev, Igor Grigoriev, Vlad Makarov - 79'00

Five hours of music, all the pieces in this volume are previously unreleased material except for one piece by Chekasin's Big Band. The 4-CD box is accompanied by a 28-page booklet containing lots of information: interviews, essays, photos. Special limited edition of 750 copies.

Golden Years of the Soviet New Jazz is a very special edition, the last chapter in the incredible saga of new jazz under the communist regime. It is a series of four volumes, each volume consisting of four CDs, each CD containing from 68 to 79 minutes of music.

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