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CD GY 401/404

CD GY 401/404 - Golden Years of New Jazz

Guyvoronsky / Volkov / Sergey Kuryokhin / Valentina Ponomareva / Anatoly Vapirov 

Golden Years of Soviet New Jazz Vol.I

Release date: 2001/10

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Disc 1: Guyvoronsky/Volkov - 73'50
Disc 2: Sergey Kuryokhin - 70'15
Disc 3: Valentina Ponomareva - 65'25
Disc 4: Anatoly Vapirov - 70'02

Golden Years of the Soviet New Jazz is a very special edition, the last chapter in the incredible saga of new jazz under the communist regime. It is a series of four volumes, each volume consisting of four CDs, each CD containing from 65 to 78 minutes of music. The bulk of the edition is previously unreleased material, the rest comes from LPs that have been out of print for the last fifteen years. Each volume is released as limited edition of 750 copies, of which 500 pcs is available for sale. Each volume is accompanied by a thick booklet containing essays and information on musicians. But what will really make this edition special is the fact that every piece of music has timeless qualities and will stand on its own for many years to come.

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