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Dear friends and customers of Leo Records.

This year we decided to have SALE OF THE CENTURY again. We added to the sale list quite a few catalogue titles that have never been on sale before. Please, choose from the list below (or from those whose price is marked with a red star * in the catalogue or search results), ignore the shopping cart and instead tell us which CDs you want to buy, calculate the price, and pay.

Conditions of sale and prices: each CD is GBP 2.50. Double CD counts as two CDs, 4-CD box counts as four CDs, 7-CD box counts as seven CDs, 9-CD box counts as nine CDs.

Orders: minimum order is 4 CDs (you can only buy 4, 8, 12, etc. CDs. The exception is 7-CD box and 9-CD box). Postage: for each four CDs: U.K. - GBP 1.51; Europe - GBP 5.15; USA, Canada, Americas, China - GBP 7.45; Australia, New Zealand - GBP 7.90. Postage for 7-CD box and 9-CD box is the same as for four CDs.

For example, a 4-CD packet for UK will cost you GBP 11.51, for Europe - GBP 15.15, for USA - GBP 17.45, for Australia - GBP 17.90.

Payments by postal orders, cheques, credit cards, PayPal (to leorecords@blueyonder.co.uk ** ), and even cash to Leo Records, 16 Woodland Avenue, Kingskerswell, Newton Abbot TQ12 5BB, UNITED KINGDOM

Although we are pretty sure we have enough stock it would be wise to indicate an alternative choice. Beginning of sale - 10-Nov, end of sale - 31-Dec-2015. Have fun browsing our huge catalogue. Remember, a CD is still the best Christmas present for those who love music.

**) if you are logged into your PayPal account, the link directly goes to "Send money with PayPal" Form-help: Where does the recipient reside? UNITED KINGDOM | Recipient's first and last name: LEO RECORDS | Choose GBP as currency. On the "Send Money" confirmation page, in "Your message to the recipient", please enter the list of CDs to order.

Leo Records

CD LR 100 The Cecil Taylor Unit; Live in Bologna;
CD LR 101 Ganelin Trio; Poco-a Poco;
CD LR 104 Keshavan Maslak & PaulL Bley; Romance in the Big City;
CD LR 105 Keshavan Maslak with S. Murray & J. Lindberg; Loved by Millions;
CD LR 108 The Ganelin Trio; Ancora Da Capo;
CD LR 127 Maggie Nicols & Pete Nu; Nicols'n'Nu;
CD LR 149 Sun Ra and his Cosmo Discipline Arkestra; A Night in East Berlin;
CD LR 152 Merilyn Crispell Trio; Gaia;
CD LR 153 Cecil Taylor; Chinampas;
CD LR 154 Sun Ra & his Arkestra; Love in Outer Space;
CD LR 162 The Cecil Taylor Unit; Tzotzil/Mummers/Tzotzil;
CD LR 163 Sakis Papadimitriou; Piano Oracles;
CD LR 164 Giancarlo Nicolai Trio and John Tchicai;
CD LR 169 Anthony Braxton; Composition N.96;
CD LR 170 Exiles: Jay Zelenka — Greg Mills; Stranded in Paradise
CD LR 171 The Ganelin Trio; Opuses;
CD LR 172 Petras Vysniauskas; Viennese Concert;
CD LR 174 The Cecil Taylor Unit; Live in Vienna;
CD LR 177 Keshavan Maslak; Mother Russia;
CD LR 181 Sofia Gubaidulina, etc.; Astreja; Music from Davos;
CD LR 182 The Italian Instabile Orchestra; Live in Noci & Rive-de-Gier, 1991;
CD LR 185 Tibor Szemzo; The Conscience;
CD LR 186 The Jon Lloyd Quartet; Head;
CD LR 187 Ned Rothenberg; The Crux;
CD LR 190 Sainkho Namchylak; Letters
CD LR 193 Anthony Braxton / Evan Parker Duo (London) 1993
CD LR 194 Marilyn Crispell; Stella Pulsations/Three Composers;
CD LR 195 Marilyn Crispell; For Coltrane;
CD LR 196 Phil Mnton / Veryan Weston; Songs from a Prison Diary;
CD LR 197 Braxton / Parker / Rutherford Trio (London) 1993
CD LR 206/207 Marilyn Crispell / Georg Graewe; Piano Duets;
CD LR 216 Ganelin; On Stage...Backstage;
CD LR 217 Anthony Braxton; Composition N.174 for Ten Percussionists;
CD LR 218 Vladimir Rezitsky; Hot Sounds from the Arctic;
CD LR 219 Lauren Newton / Thomas Horstmann; Art is...;
CD LR 221 Newton / Tuchmann / Moerth / Mutter; Timbre;
CD LR 222/223 Anthony Braxton; Knitting Factory (Piano/Quartet) 1994, vol.1;
CD LR 225 Michael Stevens / Mark Feldman; Haiku
CD LR 230 Sun Ra; Second Star to the Right;
CD LR 232 The Joe Maneri Quartet; Let the Horse Go;
CD LR 234 L. Newton / T. Horstmann / D. Rothbrust + B. Muetter; Trio L.T.D.;
CD LR 235/236 Sun Ra & His Intergalaxtic Arkestra; Stardust from Tomorrow;
CD LR 241 The Michael Jefry Stevens / Dominic Duval Quintet; Elements;
CD LR 246 Sakis Papadimitriou / Lefteris Agouridakis; Plus and Minus;
CD LR 248 Ivo Perelman Duo feat. Borah Bergman; Geometry;
CD LR 249 Ivo Perelman duo feat. Joe Morris; Strings;
CD LR 250 Tibor Szemzo; Relative things; Selected soundscapes (1994 - 1997)
CD LR 252 The Ivo Perelman Trio; Seeds, Vision and Counterpoint;
CD LR 253 Sorgen — Rust — Stevens Trio; Novella;
CD LR 256 Eugene Chadbourne; Insect & Western Insect Attractor;
CD LR 257 Dominic Duval with the C.T. String Quartet; The Navigator;
CD LR 260 The Fonda / Stevens Group; Evolution;
CD LR 262/263 Italian Instabile Festival; Pisa Teatro Verdi;
CD LR 264 Eugene Chadbourne; Worms with Strings;
CD LR 265 Stefano Maltese Open Sound Ensemble; Living Alive;
CD LR 266 Ivo Perelman with Matthew Shipp, Rashied Ali, Guilherme Franco, Cyro Baptista; Brazilian Watercolour;
CD LR 267 Dominic Duval; The Equinox Trio; Equinox;
CD LR 268 Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky / Evelyn Petrova; Chonyi Together;
CD LR 269 Brasserie Trio; Musique Mecanique;
CD LR 270 Eugene Chadbourne and the Insect and Western Party; Beauty and the Bloodsuckers;
CD LR 271 The Ivo Perelman Quartet; Sieiro;
CD LR 272 Pago Libre; Wake up Call;
CD LR 273 Glen Hall; Hallucinations: Music and Words for William S. Burroughs;
CD LR 276 Eugene Chadbourne; I Talked to Death in Stereo;
CD LR 277 Tibor Szemzo; Snapshot from the Island;
CD LR 278 The Mat Maneri Trio; Fifty One Sorrows;
CD LR 279 Dominic Duval with the C.T. String Quartet; Under the Pyramid;
CD LR 280 Return of the new thing;
CD LR 281 Tibor Szemzo; The Other Shore;
CD LR 283/284 Parker / Guy / Lytton & Marylin Crispell; After Appleby;
CD LR 286 Ivo Perelman / Jay Rosen; The Hammer;
CD LR 288 Steve Cohn; Bridge Over the X-stream;
CD LR 289 Achim Kaufmann Quartet; Double Exposure;
CD LR 290 Gebhard Ullmann “Ta lam zehn”; Vancouver Concert;
CD LR 291 Dolmen Orchestra; Sequenze Armoniche;
CD LR 293/294 Eugene Chadbourne featuring Paul Lovens; Young at Heart/ Forgiven;
CD LR 295 Dominic Duval / Joe Mcphee / John Heward; Undersound;
CD LR 296 Momentum 2; The Laws of Refraction;
CD LR 297/298 Anthony Braxton; Knitting Factory (Piano Quartet) 1994, vol. 2;
CD LR 300 Michel Wintsch; Sharing the Thirst;
CD LR 301 The Fonda-Stevens Group; Live at the Bunker;
CD LR 302 Eugenio Colombo; Tales of Love and Death;
CD LR 303 Temenos; Soundtrack featuring Sainkho Namchylak, Shelley Hirsch, Catherine Bot;
CD LR 304 Eugene Chadbourne; Piramida cu Povesti;
CD LR 306 Anthony Braxton; Composition n. 247
CD LR 307/308 Joe Maneri Trio; The Trio Concerts;
CD LR 309 Ivo Perelman; The Seven Energies of the Universe;
CD LR 310 Simon Nabatov Quartet; Nature Morte;
CD LR 312 Tibor Szemzo; Invisible Story;
CD LR 313 Glen Hall, Roswell Rudd; The Roswell Incident;
CD LR 314 Evan Parker / Richard Nunns; Rangirua;
CD LR 315 Herb Robertson and the Double Infinitives; Music for Long Attention Spans;
CD LR 316 Dominic Duval with Herb Robertson, Bob Hovey and Jay Rosen; Asylem;
CD LR 317 Lantner / Maneri / Morris; Voices Lowered;
CD LR 318 Christine Wodrascka / Ramon Lopez; Aux Portes du Matin;
CD LR 319 Aki Takase; Le Cahier du Bal
CD LR 320/321 Anthony Braxton; Composition n. 169 + (186 + 206 + 214);
CD LR 322/323 Simon Nabatov Quintet; The Master and Margarita;
CD LR 324 Han Bennink / Eugene Chadbourne; 21 Years later;
CD LR 325 Pandelis Karayorgis Trio; Blood Ballad;
CD LR 326 Evan Parker / Patrick Scheyder;
CD LR 327 Dolmen Orchestra; Minotrauma;
CD LR 328 Masashi Harada Electric Trio feat. Mat Maneri & Philip Tomasic; Obliteration at the End of Multiplication;
CD LR 329/330 Hartmut Geerken & The Art Ensemble of Chicago; Zero Sun No Point;
CD LR 331 Brennan / Patumi; Time Jumps -- Space Cracks;
CD LR 332 TAO (Tachibano/Actis Dato/Ohta); Tomorrow Night Gig;
CD LR 333 Not Missing Drums Project; Frohliche Avantgarde; The Gay Avantgarde;
CD LR 334 Pandelis Karayorgis / Mat Maneri Quintet; Disambiguation;
CD LR 335 Steve Cohn; The Blair Recordings;
CD LR 336 Matthew Welch; Ceol Nua;
CD LR 337 Lauren Newton / Joelle Leandre / Urs Leimgruber; Out of Sound;
CD LR 338 The Fonda-Stevens Group; The Healing;
CD LR 339 Clarinet Trio Two; Translucent Tones;
CD LR 340 Carlos Zingaro / Joelle Leandre / Sebi Tramontana ; The Chicken Check in Complex;
CD LR 342 The Remote Viewers; The Minimum Programme of Humanity;
CD LR 346 Dempa Band: Aki Takase / Aleks Kolkowski / Tony Buck; NIine Fragments;
CD LR 347 Lauren Newton / Patrick Scheyder; The Lightness of Hearing;
CD LR 348/349 Evan Parker / Phil Wachsmann / Teppo Hauta-Aho; The Needles;
CD LR 350 Carolyn Hume / PaulL May; Flames Undressed by Water;
CD LR 351 Gaël Mevel Quintet; La Promesse du Chant;
CD LR 352 Tibor Szemzo; Danube Exodus;
CD LR 353 Thierry MauccI; Liaison Acoustique;
CD LR 354 Pago Libre
CD LR 355 Momentum 3; John Wolf Brennan / Bertrand Denzler / Christian Weber / Christian Wolfarth;
CD LR 358 Simon Nabatov; Perpetuum Immobile, Solo Live;
CD LR 359 Joachim Gies; The Rilke Anthology I;
CD LR 360 The Mat Maneri trio; For Consequence;
CD LR 361 Tibor Szemzo; South of No North;
CD LR 362 Patrick Scheyder; Solo Piano II;
CD LR 363 Dominic Duval / Joe Mcphee / John Heward; Undersound II;
CD LR 364 The Wally Shoup Trio; Fusillades & Lamentations;
CD LR 365 Actis Band; Garibaldi;
CD LR 366 Slava Ganelin/ Esti Kenan Ofri ; Birds of Passage;
CD LR 367/368 Anthony Braxton; Two Compositions (Trio) 1998;
CD LR 369 Wally Shoup / Paul Flaherty / Thurston Moore / Chris Corsano; Live at Tonic;
CD LR 371 Conference Call (Ullmann / Stevens / Fonda / Bennink); Variations on a Master Plan;
CD LR 373 John Wolf Brennan / Peggy Lee / Dylan Van Der Schyft; Zero Heroes;
CD LR 375 The Ganelin Trio; 15-year Reunion; Live at the Frankfurt Book Fare;
CD LR 376 Gaël Mevel Trio; Danses Paralleles;
CD LR 377 Pago Libre; Phoenix; Live in Salzburg & Zurich;
CD LR 379 Evan Parker and September Winds; Alder Brook;
CD LR 380 Collective 4tet; Synopsis;
CD LR 381 Olaf Ton;
CD LR 384 Livio Minafra; La Dolcezza del Grido;
CD LR 385 Carolyn Hume / Paul May; Wet Map;
CD LR 386/387 Dr. Chadbourne's Adventures at the Guitar Festival;
CD LR 388 Christy Doran / John Wolf Brennan / Patrick Heral; Triangulation;
CD LR 389 Peter A. Schmid / Vinny Golia; Birdology;
CD LR 390 Dietrich Eichmann / Jeff Arnal; Temperature Dropped Again;
CD LR 391 Who Trio; The Current Underneath;
CD LR 392 Fabio Martini; Intrio;
CD LR 393 Duncan Haynes / Matthew Mitchell; Biathanatos;
CD LR 394 The Fonda / Stevens Group; Twelve Improvisations;
CD LR 395 Evelyn Petrova; Year's Cicle
CD LR 396 Joelle Leandre / Mat Maneri / Joel Ryan / Christophe Marguet; For Flowers;
CD LR 399 Shoup / Makihara / Arnold; Confluxus;
CD LR 400 Atipico Trio; Allegro con Brio;
CD LR 401 Carr / Nord / Hofmann; In Walks Art;
CD LR 406 Eugene Chadbourne; The History of the Chadbournes, Honky-Tonk im Nacht Lokal;
CD LR 407 Caroline Kraabel / Phil Hargreaves; Where We Were, Shadows of Liverpool;
CD LR 408 Stan Adler / Paul Chancey /Jon Lloyd / Phil Wachamann / Rob Palmer; Apparitions;
CD LR 409 Achim Kaufmann; Knives;
CD LR 410/411 Frank Gratkowski Project; Loft Exile V;
CD LR 412 Wally Shoup Trio; Blue Purge;
CD LR 413 Vinz Vonlanthen; [Oeil], Solo Guitar;
CD LR 414 ArielL Shibolet; Metal Tube & Consciousness;
CD LR 415 Clarinet Trio 3; Ballads and Related Objects;
CD LR 416 Braxton / Szabadoz / Tarasov; Triotone;
CD LR 418 Collective 4tet; Moving Along;
CD LR 419 Lauren Newton / Patrick Scheyder / Vladimir Tarasov; Artesian Spirits;
CD LR 420/421 Anthony Braxton Ninetet (Yoshi's) 1997, v. 3;
CD LR 422 Steve Lacy / Joelle Leandre; One More Time
CD LR 423 Mark Harvey & The Aardvark Jazz Orchestra; Trumpet Madness;
CD LR 424 Enrico Fazio 7tet; Live in Milano - Villa Litta;
CD LR 425 Mark O'Leary / Mat Maneri / Matthew Shipp; Chamber Trio;
CD LR 426 Mark O'Leary / Mat Maneri / Randy Peterson; Self-Luminous;
CD LR 428 Evan Parker & September Winds; Short Stories;
CD LR 429/430 Anthony Braxton & Walter Frank (Duets) 2004;
CD LR 431/434 (4-CD box) Anthony Braxton; 20 Standards (Quartet) 2003
CD LR 435 Wadada Leo Smith / Walter Quintus / Katya Quitus / Miroslav Tadic / Mark Nauseef; Snakish;
CD LR 436 Fredrik Soegaard & Hasse Poulsen ... And We Also Caught a Fish;
CD LR 438 Ramon Lopez; Flowers Trio featuring Sophia Domanchic & Joelle Leandre; Flowers of Peace;
CD LR 440 John Wolf Brennan / Gene Coleman / Thomas K. J. Mejer / Mark Unternahrer; Momentum 4; Rising Fall;
CD LR 442 Masashi Harada / Mat Maneri; The Soul with Longing for Dim Hills and Faint Horizons;
CD LR 443 Jurg Solothurnmann / Franziska Baumann / Christoph Baumann; Potage du Jour;
CD LR 444 Pago Libre; Stepping Out;
CD LR 445 Mark O'Leary / Tomasz Stanko / Billy Hart; Levitation;
CD LR 446 Simon Nabatov Octet; A Few Incidences;
CD LR 447 Szilard Mezei International Ensemble; Draught;
CD LR 448 Mark O'Leary / Uri Cane / Ben Perowski; Closure
CD LR 450 Lauren Newton / Joelle Leandre; Face It!
CD LR 451/452 Francois Carrier / Mat Maneri / Uwe Neumann / Michele Lambrt; Happening;
CD LR 453/454 Anthony Braxton; Compositions 175 & 126;
CD LR 455 Ivo Perelman; Introspection;
CD LR 456 Carr / Nord / Hofmann / Maddox; Biosphere;
CD LR 457 Gebhard Ullmann / Chris Dahlgren / Jay Rosen; CutItOut;
CD LR 460 Mark O'Leary / Steve Swallow / Pierre Favre; Awakening;
CD LR 461 Frank Gratkowski / Thomas Lehn / Melvyn Poore; Triskaidekaphonia;
CD LR 463 Simon Nabatov / Tom Rainey; Steady Now;
CD LR 464 John Wolf Brennan; Pictures in a Gallery;
CD LR 465 Mark Nauseef / Ikue Mori / Sylvie Courvoisier / Walter Quintus; Albert;
CD LR 466 Matthew Mitchell / Duncan Haynes; The Urban Choreographic;
CD LR 467 Michel Wintch / Christian Weber / Christian Wolfarth; WWW;
CD LR 468/471 (4-CD box) Anthony Braxton 4 Compositions (Ulrichsberg) 2005; Phonomanie III ;
CD LR 472 The George Burt / Raymond MacDonald Sextet feat. Keith Tippett; Boohoo Fever;
CD LR 473 Lauren Newton; Soundsongs;
CD LR 474 Metamorphosis; Luff;
CD LR 477 Brennan / Theissing / Patumi / Cline / Voirol; Shooting Stars & Traffic Lights;
CD LR 478 Carolyn Hume; Solo Piano Works;
CD LR 479 H. Fulcher / A. Standon / P. Brandt / M. Anderson; Conspiracy of Equals;
CD LR 480 Sainkho Namchylak / Roy Carroll; Tuva-Irish Live Music Project;
CD LR 481 Joachim Gies / Lauren Newton; Tenderness of Stones;
CD LR 482 Sainkho Namchylak; Nomad
CD LR 483/484 Leo Records 25th Anniversary, Loft, Koln;
CD LR 485 Gratkowski / Nabatov / Robertson / Manderscheid; Celebrations;
CD LR 486 Dietrich Eichmann Ensemble; The Hot Days;
CD LR 487/488 Anthony Braxton Trio (Glasgow) 2005;
CD LR 490 Mark O'Leary / John Herndon / Matt Lux; Radio Free Europa;
CD LR 492 Simon Nabatov / Nils Wogram; Jazz Limbo;
CD LR 493 Pan-Asian Ensemble; Mujou;
CD LR 494 Kaori Osawa; Aluminum (solo piano);
CD LR 495 Franziska Baumann / Matthias Ziegler; Voices & Tides;
CD LR 496 Banz Oester; Blosperment Suite;
CD LR 497 Actis Band; Cina!;
CD LR 498 Urs Leimgruber solo; 13 Pieces for Saxophone;
CD LR 500/501 Anthony Braxton; Ninetet (Yoshi's) 1997, vol. 4;
CD LR 502 Sainkho Namchylak / Jarrod Cagwin; In Trance;
CD LR 503 Szilard Mezei quintet; Cerkno;
CD LR 505 Tim Trevor-Brisco / Nicola Guazzaloca; One Hot Afternoon;
CD LR 506 Heath Watts and Dan Pell; Breathe If You Can;
CD LR 507 Mark O'Leary / Eyvind Kang / Dylan Van Der Schyff; Zemlya;
CD LR 508 Aardvark Jazz Orchestra; American Agonistes;
CD LR 509 2 Souls In Seoul; Lauren Newton / Park Je Chun;
CD LR 510 Actis Furioso - 2; World People;
CD LR 511 Denis Beuret; Alone;
CD LR 512 Francois Carrier / Michel Lambert / Jean-Jacques Avenel; Within;
CD LR 513 James Choice Orchestra;
CD LR 514 Heinz Geisser / Shiro Onuma; Duo;
CD LR 515 Carolyn Hume; Gravity and Grace
CD LR 516 Lapslap: Itch;
CD LR 518 Anthony Braxton Quartet (Moscow) 2008;
CD LR 519 Vycheslav Guyvoronsky; Caprichos;
CD LR 521 Mark O'Leary / Kenny Wollesen /Jamie Saft; The Synth Show;
CD LR 522 Joelle Leandre / Aksh S.; Kor;
CD LR 524 Lena Sedykh; Magic Letters;
CD LR 525 Carl Ludwig Hubsch's Long Development of the Universe: The Universe is a Disk;
CD LR 526 Mark O'Leary / Stale Storlokken / Stein Braekhus; St. Fin Barre's;
CD LR 527 Moscow Composers Orchestra & Sainkho; Portrait of an Idealist;
CD LR 528 Collaborations; Marilyn Crispell quartet and quintet;
CD LR 529 Collective 4tet; In Transition;
CD LR 530 Szilard Mezei Wind Quartet; We were watching the Rain;
CD LR 531 Lapslap : Scratch;
CD LR 532 Andreas Willers; Drowning Migrant;
CD LR 533 Evelyn Petrova; Living Water;
CD LR 534 Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky; Interventions into Bach and Mozart;
CD LR 535 Joelle Leandre and William Parker; Live at Dunois;
CD LR 536 Stefano Luigi Mangia; Painting on Wood;
CD LR 537 Sainkho Namchylak / Dickson Dee; Tea Opera;
CD LR 538 Katja Krusche / Martin Krusche; I am One;
CD LR 539 Jan Klare / Wilbert De Joode / Michal Vatcher; 1000;
CD LR 540 Gratkowski / Lapin / Gramss / Bledsoe; Unplugged Mind;
CD LR 541 Joachim Gies & Sound / Body / Cell; Shimmering;
CD LR 542 Christine Wodrascka / Ramon Lopez; Momentos;
CD LR 544 Vyacheslav Guyvoronsky / Andrei Kondakov / Vladimir Volkov; In Search of a Standard;
CD LR 545 Jason Stein; In Exchange for a Process;
CD LR 546 Scoolptures; Materiale Umano;
CD LR 548/549 Anthony Braxton / Joelle Leandre Duo (Heidelberg Loppem) 2007;
CD LR 550 Lapslap; Zuppa Inglese;
CD LR 551 Jean-Marc Foussat / Sylvain Guerineau; Aliquid;
CD LR 552 Christian Wolfarth / Donat Fisch; Circle & Line 2;
CD LR 553 Joe Maneri / Masashi Harada; Pinerskol;
CD LR 554 Lull; The Zipper;
CD LR 555 Matthias Muller / Christian Marien; Superimpose; Talk Talk;
CD LR 556 Roland Ramanan Tentet; London;
CD LR 557 Free Tallinn Trio; A Tale;
CD LR 558 Masashi Harada Trio; Breath, Gesture, Abstract Opera;
CD LR 559 Evgeny Masloboev / Anastasia Masloboeva; Russian Folksongs in the Key of Sadness;
CD LR 560 Soegaard Ensemble; Soundmapping the Genes;
CD LR 561 Mike Nord / Georg Hofmann; The Flow;
CD LR 562 Triangulation; Whirligigs;
CD LR 563 Veronique Dubois / Francois Carrier; Being With;
CD LR 564 Sainkho Namchylak / Nick Sudnick; Not Quite Songs;
CD LR 565 Gratkowski / Nabatov / Schmickler; Deployment;
CD LR 566 Alexey Kruglov; Seal of Time;
CD LR 567 Steve Day; Visitors;
CD LR 569 Ivo Perelman / Gerry Hemingway; The Apple in the Dark;
CD LR 570 Urs Leimgruber; Chicago solo;
CD LR 571 Ivo Perelman / Brian Willson; The Stream of Life;
CD LR 572/575 (4-CD box) Anthony Braxton; 19 Standards (Quartet) 2007;
CD LR 576/577 Anthony Braxton / Anne Rhodes; GTM (Syntax) 2003;
CD LR 578 Katja Cruz; Primeval Sounds of the World;
CD LR 580/581 Anthony Braxton; GTM (Outpost) 2003;
CD LR 582 Vlady Bystrov / Alexey Lapin; Rimsky-Korsakov. Crosswise;
CD LR 583 Heinz Geisser / Eiichi Hayashi / Takayuki Kato / Yuki Saga; On Bashamichi Avenue;
CD LR 585 Second Approach; Event Space;
CD LR 586 Simon Nabatov; Roundup;
CD LR 589 Franziska Baumann / Matthias Ziegler; Voices & Tides; Tidal Affairs;
CD LR 590 Sainkho Namchylak with Wolfgang Puschnig and Paul Urbanek; Terra;
CD LR 591 Alexey Kruglov; Russian Metaphor;
CD LR 592 Katja Cruz y los aires; Mi corazon;
CD LR 594/595 Joelle Leandre; Can you hear me?
CD LR 596 Michel Wintsch; Metapiano;
СD LR 597 Cappelletti / Massaria / Stranieri / Maneri; Metamorphosis;
CD LR 598 Alexey Lapin; Parallels; solo piano;
CD LR 599 Gratkowski / Lehn / Zoubek / Manderscheid / Blume; Shift; Songs from Aipotu;
CD LR 600 Steve Day; Song of the fly;
CD LR 601 Carrier / Lambert / Lapin; Inner Spire
CD LR 602 Umberto Petrin; A Dawn will come;
CD LR 603 Alexey Kruglov & Jaak Sooaar Trio; Karate;
CD LR 604 Zlatko Kaucic; Emigrants;
CD LR 605 Ivo Perelman Quartet; The Hour of the Star;
CD LR 606 Nicola Negrini; Scoolptures; White Sickness;
CD LR 607 Nabatov / Reijseger / Schubert; Square Down;
CD LR 608 Patrick Defossez / Anne-Gabriel Debaecker / Simon Goubert; Pourquoi tant de…;
CD LR 609 Tran(ce)formation Quartet; Entrance;
CD LR 610 V. Curci, V. Mastropirro, G. Sylleou, S. Papadimitriou, A. Madras, C. Yermenoglou; Musica Lontana;
CD LR 611 Francesca / Galasso / Miranda; Telegraph;
CD LR 612 Evgeny Masloboev / Anastasia Masloboeva; Russian Folksongs in the Key of Winter;
CD LR 613 Lisa Mezzacappa & Nightshade; Cosmic Rift;
CD LR 614 T. Trevor-Briscoe / N. Guazzaloca / S. Mezet; Underflow;
CD LR 615 Arrigo Cappelletti - Giulio Martino Quartet; Mysterious;
CD LR 616 Alexey Kruglov; Identification;
CD LR 617 Jon Corbet's Dangerous Musics; Konglens Gade;
CD LR 618 Carolyn Hume / Katja Cruz; Light and Shade;
CD LR 619 Fourth Page / Blind Horizons;
CD LR 620 Kondakov / Shilkloper / Volkov; Outline;
CD LR 621 The Second Approach Trio; Pandora's Pitcher;
CD LR 622 Ullmann/Kupke/Thieke; The Clarinet Trio; 4;
CD LR 623 Carrier/Lambert/Lapin; In Motion;
CD LR 624 Andrea Buffa; 30 Years Island;
CD LR 625 Ullmann/Dahlgren/Thomas; Transatlantic BASSX3;
CD LR 626 Anto Pett, Bart van Rosmalen; Playwork;
CD LR 627 Stefano Mangia/Adolpho La Volpe/Stefania Ladis/Angelo Urso; Ulysses;
CD LR 628 Swedish Mobilia; Dario Miranda, Daniele Frati, Andrea Bolzoni;
CD LR 629 Matthias Ziegler; La Rusna;
CD LR 630 Ivo Perelman Trio; Family Ties;
CD LR 631 Leandre/Frith/Curran/Leimgruber; MMM;
CD LR 632 Simon Nabatov; Spinning Songs of Herbie Nicols;
CD LR 633 Urumchi; Nar(r); Saadet Turkoz/Hans Hassler/Alfred Zimmerlin/Fredy Studer
CD LR 634 Kruglov/Lapin/Udanov; Impulse;
CD LR 635 4-tet Different Song; Step into the Future; Yang Jing/Michel Wintsch/Baenz Oester/Norbert Pfammatter;
CD LR 636 Lapslap; Granita;
CD LR 637 The Aardvark Jazz Orchestra; Evocations;
CD LR 638 Berthet/Vonlanthen/Bondi; Silo;
CD LR 639 Tim Dorofeyev's Project; Vostok Sever;
CD LR 640 The Second Approach Trio; Beeswing;
CD LR 641 Paul Giallorenzo's Gitgo; Emergent;
CD LR 642 Ivo Perelman with Sirius Quartet; Passion According to G.H.;
CD LR 643 Perelman/Shipp/Cleaver; Foreign Legion;
CD LR 644 "6xi"; Almost Even Further;
CD LR 645 Steve Day; Strewn with Pebbles;
CD LR 646 Actis Dato Quartet; Sin Fronteras;
CD LR 647 Nabatov, Wogram, Rainey; Nawora;
CD LR 648 Esther Fluckiger & John Wolf Brennan; TwinKeys;
CD LR 649 Ensemble 5; Solstice; Heinz Geisser/Fridolin Blumer/Reto staub/Vincent Daoud/Robert Morgenthaler;
CD LR 650 Ivo Perelman, Matthew Shipp, Whit Dickey; The Clairvoyant;
CD LR 651 Rolan Dahinden/Hildegard Kleeb; Recall Pollock;
CD LR 652 4 Compositions by Frank Gratkowski; Fo(u)r Alto;
CD LR 653/654 Gratkowski/Brown/Winant + Gerhard E.Winkler; Vermilion traces/Donaueschingen 2009;
CD LR 655 Frank Gratkowski Quartet; Le Vent et La Gorge;
CD LR 656 Ivo Perelman, Joe Morris, Gerald Cleaver; Living Jelly;
CD LR 657 Ivo Perelman, Matthew Shipp, Michael Bisio; The Gift;
CD LR 658 Evgeny Masloboev, Anastasia Masloboeva; Your beautiful face makes me cry;
CD LR 659 Russian Folksongs in the key of new jazz;
CD LR 660 Guyvoronsky/Ahsan/Kucherov; Around Silence
CD LR 661 Goat's Notes; Fuzzy Wonder;
CD LR 662 Yang Jing, Christy Doran; N. 9;
CD LR 663 Vlady Bystrov/Helen Bledsoe/Alexey Lapin; Triologue;
CD LR 664 John Wolf Brennan / Tony Majdalani / Marco Jencarelli; Pilgrims
CD LR 665 Ivo Perelman / Matthew Shipp; The Art of the Duet, vol. 1
CD LR 667 Ivo Perelman / Matthew Shipp / Michael Bisio / Whit Dickey; The Edge
CD LR 668 Ivo Perelman / Matthew Shipp / William Parker / Gerald Cleaver; Serendipity;
CD LR 669 Anto Pett/Christoph Baumann; Northwind Boogy;
CD LR 670 Arrigo Cappelletti Quartet; Hot Music;
CD LR 671/672 Scoolptures; Please drive-by carefully
CD LR 673 Swedish Mobilia + Luca Aquino;
CD LR 674 Tanja Feichtmair/Fredi Proll/Uli Winter; Trio Now!
CD LR 675 Alexey Kruglov/Alexey Lapin/Jaak Sooaar/Oleg Yudanov
CD LR 677 Schubert/Bauer/Willers/Kellers; Grid Mesh, Live in Madrid;
CD LR 678 Enrico Fazio Critical Mass; Shibui
CD LR 679 Joachim Gies; Ensemble X & Gerd Wameling; Mnemosyne
CD LR 680 Nord/Hofmann/Matsushima; Noru Ka Soru Ka
CD LR 681 Ivo Perelman/Matthew Shipp/Mat Maneri; A Violent Dose of Anything
CD LR 682 Goat's Notes; Wild Nature Executives
CD LR 683 Perelman/Shipp/Dickey/Cleaver; Enigma;
CD LR 684 Anthony Braxton; Ensemble Montaigne (Bau 4) 2013
CD LR 685 Antonio Bertoni, 1/2 h(our) drama
CD LR 686 Matthias Schubert/Simon Nabatov; Descriptions;
CD LR 687 Blazing Flame; Play Mountain Top;
CD LR 688 Stefano Pastor/Charlotte Hug; Paragone D'Archi;
CD LR 689 Vlady Bystrov/Anto Pett/Anne-Liis Poll; The Enchanted 3;
CD LR 690 VocColours & Alexey Lapin; ZvuKlang;
CD LR 691 Hanuman Soundhousing;
CD LR 692 Stefano Mangia, Adolfo La Volpe, Giorgio Distante; Glad to be unhappy;
CD LR 693 Billy Bottle & The Multiple; Unrecorded Beam;
CD LR 694 Ensemble 5; The Summary of 4;
CD LR 695 Aardvark Jazz Orchestra; Impressions;
CD LR 696 Ivo Perelman/Mat Maneri; Two Men Walking;
CD LR 697 Ivo Perelman with Matthew Shipp & William Parker; Book of Sound;
CD LR 698 Umberto Petrin; Traces and Ghosts;
CD LR 699 Ivo Perelman with Matthew Shipp, Michael Bisio, Whit Dickey; The Other Edge;
CD LR 813/816 (4-CD box) Sergey Kuryokhin; Divine Madness
CD LR 901/909 (9-CD box) Anthony Braxton Piano Music (1968 - 2000)
CD LR 910/916 (7-CD box) Sergey Kuryokhin in California; Absolutely Great!

Golden Years of New Jazz

CD GY 001 The Sun Ra Arkestra Meets Salah Ragab in Egypt;
CD GY 003 Anthony Braxton; Composition n.94 for three instrumentalists (1980);
CD GY 004 Hartmut Geerken / John Tchicai / Famoudou Don Moye; Cassava Balls;
CD GY 005/006 The Sun Ra Arkestra; Live at Praxis '84;
CD GY 007/008 Han Bennink, Eugene Chadbourne and Toshinori Kondo; Jazz Bunker;
CD GY 011/012 Marilyn Crispell; Selected Works 1983-1986;
CD GY 013 The Ganelin Trio; Strictly for Our Friends;
CD GY 014 Sergey Kuryokhin; The Ways of Freedom;
CD GY 016 The Art Ensemble of Chicago; Live in Milano;
CD GY 020 Anthony Braxton; Solo (Milano) 1979 v. 1;
CD GY 021 Sun Ra; Piano Recital Teatro La Fenice;
CD GY 022 Phil Minton Roger Turner; Ammo;
CD GY 023 Anthony Braxton; Solo (Milano) 1979 v. 2;
CD GY 026/027 Sun Ra and His Arkestra; Springtime in Chicago;
CD GY 028 Anthony Braxton; Solo (Pisa) 1982;
CD GY 029 Sun Ra; Live in Cleveland;
CD GY 030/031 Sun Ra; Live at Ulm

CD GY 405/408 (4-CD box) Golden Years of the Soviet New Jazz v. II;
Disc 1 V. Rezitsky / Jazz Group Arkhangelsk - 74'56
Disc 2 Orkestrion - 69'27
Disc 3 Mikhail Chekalin - 65'58
Disc 4 Petras Vysniauskas; Ganelin / Vysniauskas / Talas - 76'29

CD GY 409/412 (4-CD box) Golden Years of the Soviet New Jazz v.III;
Disc 1 Homo Liber - 75'34
Disc 2 Vladimir Chekasin Big Bands - 79'00
Disc 3 Sainkho Namchylak, Tri-O - 66'11
Disc 4 Andrew Solovyev / Igor Grigoriev / Vladislav Makarov - 79'00

CD GY 413/416 (4-CD box) Golden Years of the Soviet New Jazz v. IV;
Disc 1 Vyacheslav Ganelin solo; Ganelin / Chekasin duo - 77'48
Disc 2 Tarsov / Chekasin duo; Ganelin / Tarasov duo - 77'24
Disc 3 Vladimir Chekasin Quartet; Chekasin / Vysniauskas Quintet - 60'20
Disc 4 The Ganelin Trio - 75'02

LeoLab (Leo Records Laboratory)

LeoLab 009 Hannes Wienert / Peter Niklas Wilson; Alphea;
LeoLab 014 Mark Harvey & The Aardvark Jazz Orchestra; Paintings for Jazz Orchestra;
LeoLab 017 Sa Zna; Into Oberland;
LeoLab 020 Ama Jazz; In One Breath;
LeoLab 021 Collective 4tet; The Ropedancer;
LeoLab 022 Mat Maneri Trio; Fever Bed;
LeoLab 024 Ensemble Uncontrolled; Tales from the Forest;
LeoLab 025 Green Room Live; Trajectories;
LeoLab 028 Aardvark Jazz Orchestra; Psalms & Elegies
LeoLab 030 Uwe Oberg / Georg Wolf / Jorg Fischer; > LO <;
LeoLab 031 Cillective 4tet; Orca
LeoLab 032 Carlos Bechegas Progects
LeoLab 033 Russian-German Composers Quartet; Not Only For...
LeoLab 034 John Wolf Brennan; Moscau-Petuschki;
LeoLab 035 Moscow Composers Orchestra featuring Sainkho Namchylak; Let Peremsky Dream
LeoLab 036 Not Missing Drums Project featuring Lauren Newton, Joelle Leandre and Uschi Bruning; Urban Voices
LeoLab 038 Alati. Ielasi. Radaele. Sciajno; I am Surprised While It Is Actually Happening
LeoLab 040 The Soegaard Ensemble; Cronox
LeoLab 041 Pandelis Karayorgis & Mat Maneri with Guests Joe Maneri and John Lockwood; Lift & Poise;
LeoLab 042 Vyacheslav Ganelin / Petras Vysniauskas / Arkadi Gotesman; Alliance
LeoLab 043 Collective 4tet; Live at Crescent
LeoLab 045 Fabio Martini / Circadiana; Clangori
LeoLab 046 Trio Nueva Finlandia; Ha! What's Going on!
LeoLab 047 The Keith Yaun Quintet; Countersink
LeoLab 049 The Remote Viewers; Low Shapes in Dark Heat8
LeoLab 050 Libera Societa di Improvvisazione; Al Malaiko Noskema
LeoLab 051 Walter Horn / Gary Kendig / Hugh Dickey; Screwdriver!
LeoLab 052 Joachim Gies; Different Distances
LeoLab 055 Brett Larner / Shoko Hikage / Philip Gelb; Indistancing
LeoLab 056 Vincenzo Mazzone; Ping Pong
LeoLab 057 Not Missing Drums Project; Offline Adventure
LeoLab 058 The Clarinet Trio; Oct.1, '98
LeoLab 059 James Fei; Solo Works
LeoLab 060 Misha Feigin; Both Kinds of Music
LeoLab 061 Camaeleo Vulgaris
LeoLab 062 Steven Lantner / Mat Maneri; Reaching
LeoLab 063 The Remote Viewers; Obliques Before Pale Skin
LeoLab 065 Didier Petit; Nohc on the Road
LeoLab 066 Carolyn Hume / Paul May; Zero;
LeoLab 067 The Remote Viewers; Persuasive with Aliens
LeoLab 069 Joe Fonda / Xu Fengxia; Distance
LeoLab 070 Not Missing Drums Project; Position/dark/red
LeoLab 071 Misha Feigin / Craig Hultgren / Ladonna Smith
LeoLab 072 Hans Tammen / Dominic Duval; The Road Bends Here
LeoLab 074 Joachim Gies; Whispering Blue
LeoLab 075 Soegaard Ensemble; Multiverse
LeoLab 076 The Remote Viewers; Stranded Depots
LeoLab 077 Carolyn Hume / Paul May; By Lakes Abandoned

Feet First Records

FFR 5001 Sheppard Helen; Hello Tomorrow
FFR 5002 Hill Jo; Chapters
FFR 5003 Sheppard Helen; Oyster Love
FFR 5004 Stott Melissa; Why Now
FFR 5005 Stott Melissa; The Picture

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